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About Me

Sharon Connolly, Reiki Master

Greetings and welcome!  

Because of the intensely personal nature of the Reiki experience it is often a great help to learn a bit about me beforehand. What follows is my story and experience so you can know me a bit better!  

"We are all just walking each other home"

Sharon Connolly Reiki Healer
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My Story

My Background

 I have been an X-ray/ CT Tech since I was 19 years   old. My profession couldn't be more scientific.   Sending energy (ionizing radiation) to obtain an     x-ray image in order to help detect or diagnose   disease, the first step before the healing process   can begin.

 Being employed in Radiology for over 32 years, I   spent more time with my co-workers than  I did   my own family- which is exactly what the people   that I worked with became, my other family. As an   integral part of Western medicine, diagnostic   radiology was an extremely gratifying career,   satisfying my innate desire to serve others. For   most of my adult life radiology was all I knew, yet   I could sense that something was missing. With   the addition of Reiki and being “exposed” to this new energy, my two worlds have combined.

Inklings of Something Hidden

Over my career I’ve had the privilege to witness some incredible awe-inspiring events, miraculous recoveries as well as some tragic outcomes and overwhelming experiences. I was so sensitive to the energy surrounding these events that at times I would  feel extremely overwhelmed. In today's world we tend to label everything….. I was told that it was because I was an “empath” and a HSP (a Highly Sensitive Person) which I do believe to be true however, I still needed to work to survive and provide for myself so I began to concentrate more on a solution.  I needed to find balance. 

It occurred to me to go back to my roots. I could hear my father’s voice and I began doing what I had always been taught to do as a child; I simply began to pray. I would pray for the patient, their family, and ask God to help them as well as to guide and protect our team. More and more often, I found myself placed in difficult situations because I could calm someone down, or connect with them helping to ease their pain & fear. Over time I noticed those whom I was serving were arriving more quickly at a state of calm without much effort. I could usually just place my hand on them offering compassion and understanding which allowed me to help assure them and share this “ Gift of Grace”. It was in fact "compassionate action”.  I believe this is what Jesus did; He laid his hands on people to heal them. I believe that is what we are doing with the gift of Reiki.

Animal Reiki for horses
Sharon Connolly Reiki Healer Animal Reiki

My Calling

I began my Reiki journey over 7 years ago freely offering this gift to whomever needed it.  The first step in the treatment for the healing process to begin. How ironic that I am now directing or guiding energy from God, Spirit, Divine or “Source” in order to assist the healing process once again, channeling this Divinely orchestrated energy, spiritually guided to our physical, mental or emotional needs.

Reiki gave me a voice, allowing me to speak my Truth. It described beautifully what I already knew intuitively deep in my heart to be true. Reiki is my calling and completed my world. I can't imagine life without it, and I see a need for it everywhere. Reiki strengthened my gifts. Not always knowing or understanding why yet surrendering to it and allowing it to flow. It helps to support, heal and guide physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After my first Reiki class, I needed to know more so I pursued it further eventually becoming master in three disciplines of Reiki.

The final 'nudge' from Spirit confirming my calling and leading me to become a full-time Reiki practitioner occurred during my last Karuna Reiki Master class.  Before the placement when I was exposed to the symbols, I stared at them in disbelief, realizing that some of them seemed already familiar to me because I used to doodle a few of them & parts of others on my Pee-Chee folder as a kid! 

It was so surreal. I needed no further proof:  Reiki is my calling; it is my path.

My Love of Animals

Along with my husband, horses and dogs are my heart.  Naturally, my love for all animals also has a place in my Reiki journey as they are also very responsive to Reiki energy. Working with the animals is one of my passions. I began working with a group in Santa Barbara, CA called Light of Avalon which was founded by my first Reiki teacher, Carolyn Paige. We would go to the animal shelters every other week and if we couldn't make it in person, we would send Reiki remotely.  The animals are our best teachers and they too benefit immensely from the Reiki energy.

In October 2022 the organization 1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue in Corvallis, MT requested my help with a sick horse named Ben.  Not long after, another broken soul needing help arrived, a horse name Sterling. Both of these beautiful spirits touched my Soul. I realized in this work that we may not always have the outcome that we hope for, yet we have given them unconditional love and hopefully renewed their faith in mankind. Together with different healing modalities we helped them so that they could transition peacefully knowing love & kindness.  


My Reiki journey has been a heartfelt, overwhelming, gratifying and Soul-searching experience.  I know deep in my heart that I am meant to walk this path, and I feel especially connected to Spirit when I work with the animals.


Reiki can help with so many areas of our lives. I believe this wholeheartedly. It can create openings & shifts and release blocks. It is Spiritually guided and can never cause harm. Reiki will catalyze the most beneficial outcome for the client or situation. I have witnessed this time & time again- It is simply Amazing!

Please reach out if you have any questions or to book a session!

~Reiki Blessings


Distance Reiki Dog and Matt
Reiki energetic healing hand

My Training

Triple Reiki Master



Karuna   Master 

Holy Fire III    practitioner 


Licenses ~Affiliations ~ Experience

National Licenses

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) license in X-Ray & CT


Licensed X-Ray Technologist


 Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) State of California, licensed in X-Ray,   Mammography & Fluoroscopy

 Santa Barbara County SSBMFC/SANSUM; Digital Mammography Supervisor


 Cottage Center for Advanced Imaging (CCAI); Lead CT Tech 


 Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) - Radiography Program. 

 Clinical Student Co-coordinator for Sansum Clinic 

 SBCC Radiography Program - Graduated 1988

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